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eEquity is a growth investor focused on digitally enabled business models, primarily in the Nordics with ambition to develop into European or global champions.

Our core focus constitutes growth investments in digitally enabled companies with products or services targeted towards B2B and B2C, including SaaS.

We are one of the most active Nordic investors in this segment, having led over EUR 450m investments across 37 platform transactions. On average, our companies have grown sales >60% per annum during our holding period.

Our preference is to step in as the first external investor for every company we invest in. We often blend primary and secondary shares to foster a shared alignment of interests with the entrepreneurs. Our investments range from EUR 3-10 million per company, including reserves for future follow-ons to amplify and sustain growth. Typically, we take minority stakes in companies and secure a board member seat and a board observer seat to further nurture the venture.

Our investment criteria

We’re on the lookout for innovative solutions that not only impress us, but also captivate the market. In short, we’re interested if you tap into these criteria:


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