Har din affärsmodell en plats i detaljhandelns framtida ekosystem?

Svensk detaljhandel verkar i en spännande tid. Kundernas krav på snabbhet, individuella anpassningar och tydliga värderingar i kombination med digitalisering och ökad konkurrens driver detaljhandeln att agera.

Många företag anpassar sig, men de behöver bli ännu djärvare och våga omvärdera sina affärsmodeller. Allt fler detaljhandelsföretag väljer att ingå föränderliga nätverk. Nätverken kan med tiden utvecklas till komplexa ekosystem med aktörer inom exempelvis detaljhandel, teknologi och medicin. Utmaningen är att förutse kommande ekosystem och identifiera vilka man bör bilda. I vilka ekosystem kan varje aktör generera värde och öka sin konkurrenskraft mer än på egen hand?

Under seminariet belyser vi aktuella teman med koppling till nya affärsmodeller: Hur kan en produkt omformas till en tjänst och vilka konsekvenser får det på hållbarhet? Hur gynnas ett apotek av att tillhandahålla kliniktjänster? Hur kan partnerskap identifieras för att utveckla produkterbjudandet?

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eEquity makes a 10x partial exit in iDeal of Sweden

eEquity, the leading private equity investor in e-commerce and Digital Growth, has today, together with the founders Joachim Lindström and Filip Ummer, made a partial exit of iDeal of Sweden to Altor. The sale of about 60 percent of the company results in a 10x return on invested capital for eEquity.

Joachim Lindström, co-founder and CEO of iDeal of Sweden commented: “We are very pleased to have Altor on board as a new investor and strategic partner to enable our global expansion plans with continued rapid growth over the next five years. We are very impressed with Altor’s team and this investment means that we get a very strong financial partner in addition to the expertise and experience that they also bring to the table, which was the key factor in the decision from our end. It has been invaluable for us to work closely with eEquity as a sector specialist in e-commerce and we have had very close collaborations with their other portfolio companies in many areas; exchanging competence and experience with the “eEquity family” has made it possible for us to grow as fast and as profitability as we have. We are very grateful to be able to continue the successful partnership with eEquity, which reinvests in the company together with us, and together with Altor we achieve a good mix of expertise and financial stability. We are very proud of our development over the past few years, our team has managed to grow the business rapidly with high profitability, while also investing heavily in IT, logistics and building a fantastic organization which today consists of over 100 employees.

Patrik Hedelin, the responsible partner at eEquity, comments: “We are extremely impressed by the entrepreneurs and all employees of iDeal of Sweden and how the company, by investing in new microprocesses in IT, well-defined and data-driven business processes, expanding the product range, implementing a new marketing strategy, and by building a strong management team and organization, have managed to increase revenues from 40 MSEK to a billion SEK – with good profitability – in just three years. When helping our portfolio companies to roll out globally, we often discuss simplicity, scalability and automation with our entrepreneurs, it is very rewarding to see the result of these strategies implemented. We are very happy that the founders came to us because they were looking for our expertise and saw the value of being able to work actively with the other companies in the portfolio; iDeal of Sweden and NA-KD have had a very active collaboration in especially marketing which has been hugely beneficial for both companies”.

iDeal of Sweden is a leading global fashion tech and lifestyle brand specializing in mobile phone accessories. The company was founded in 2013 in Norrköping and was run out of Joachim’s, one of the founders, garage during the first year. The company’s products are sold through approximately 14,000 stores globally, and via own e-commerce in about 140 countries, today. iDeal of Sweden has also started the roll-out of a new store concept and has opened new stores in Mall of Scandinavia and Gallerian last month, the plan is to open about 10 stores at prime locations in Sweden in 2019 and then expand the concept stores internationally. iDeal of Sweden has been a pioneer in its work with influencer marketing and have launched many design collaborations with influencers, which has been a strong success factor also internationally. iDeal of Sweden sells fashion accessories in addition to mobile accessories and has expanded its product portfolio rapidly over the past couple of years.

“It has been a tough journey – we started the company with very limited capital and limited experience. We have really worked around the clock for the past five years and we are incredibly grateful for the trust we have received from our customers, partners and our fantastic team who have made the company’s journey possible ”- comments Joachim Lindström

eEquity provides growth capital to successful entrepreneurs who want to increase the growth rate and build market-leading companies in their respective areas. eEquity has developed its own methodology for building a portfolio of companies that can accelerate growth by being part of the family of eEquity companies with extensive exchange of expertise, experience and implementation of the eEquity toolbox. eEquity invested in many multi-brand retailers, such as Footway which went through an IPO at the end of last year, in the fund eEquity II. Investments in eEquity III have been more focused on product companies that are scaled globally, such as NA-KD and Twistshake. The latest fund that eEquity recently started to invest from, eEquity IV, will be invested in Digital Growth and e-commerce companies.

After completion of the transaction, Altor will own 60% of the company while the founders and eEquity will remain as co-owners with a holding of 40%. The transaction results in a multiple of 10x on the shares sold, including an EBITDA-based additional earn-out, for eEquity. iDeal of Sweden is in the eEquity III fund. eEquity’s new investments are now from eEquity IV, which is a billion fund that had its first closing in November 2018.


About eEquity
eEquity was founded in Stockholm in 2010, with the support of international institutional investors, and is today the leading private equity investor in e-commerce and Digital Growth. eEquity was founded by Magnus Wiberg and Patrik Hedelin as a continuation of their entrepreneurial ventures within Digital Growth, which took off in 1999 with boo.com and Pricerunner.

About iDeal of Sweden
iDeal of Sweden was founded in 2013 by Joachim Lindström and Filip Ummer with headquarters in Norrköping. iDeal of Sweden has, with its pioneering and hugely successful influencer marketing strategy, succeeded in establishing itself as a leading lifestyle brand in fashion tech globally.

Stella EOC has been the financial adviser and Osborne Clarke the legal advisor


For more information, contact:
Joachim Lindström
Co-founder and CEO
iDeal of Sweden
+46 72 3214444

Patrik Hedelin
Managing Partner
eEquity AB
Tel: +46 70 545 2889
E-post: patrik@eequity.se

eEquity invests in Preglife, the leading application for pregnant and new parents in the Nordics

eEquity invests in Preglife, the leading application for pregnant and new parents in the Nordics

eEquity, a leading Nordic investor in digital growth companies, invests in Preglife AB, making the first investment in eEquity’s fourth fund. As the leading Nordic pregnancy and baby application, Preglife aims to become the largest and most relevant pregnancy and baby application globally.
Preglife initially launched its app in October 2010 and has since then been downloaded more than 2.6 million times – today the app has more than 500,000 active users. The business idea today remains very much the same, namely conveying knowledge and information to pregnant and new parents so they can make informed decisions with regards to their family and themselves. Since launch, Preglife has cooperated with a large network of doctors and midwives to guarantee that the information is accurate, relevant and correct. The goal of the application is to serve as a guide and information source for parents throughout the pregnancy, the actual delivery, and for making life with the newborn as happy and secure as possible.

Preglife’s user base has grown rapidly and the company is already present in eight markets. The plan is to continue expanding Preglife to a number of new markets, as well as to continue developing relevant products and services for its users. The company works closely with several large and well-established partners within relevant industries such as insurance, e- commerce, health, security and media.

eEquity, a leading investor within e-commerce and digital growth, is investing in Preglife in order to provide the company with the means to expand its offering as well as accelerate its global expansion. Furthermore, eEquity will support Preglife in regards to its e-commerce offering, growth strategy and further development of online marketing strategies. Preglife currently has a turnover of c. SEK20 million and is growing fast with profitability.

“Preglife is completely self-financed. This has resulted in our journey taking a little longer, but has also led to us having a working business model and full control of costs. It feels really exciting to find a professional investor who values our way of working. With eEquity as one of our owners, we hope to achieve our goals faster. eEquity has previous experience from building companies with a clear online strategy and global ambitions – which we value. In the coming years we will work hard together in order to become the leading pregnancy and baby application globally.” says CEO and founder, Tobias Meschke.

“We were immensely impressed by how satisfied Preglife’s users are and how relevant their offering is for the target audience. Preglife has, with limited resources, succeeded to build the leading and most fulsome pregnancy application in the Nordic market and has also become one of the leading players in both Germany and Poland in a short period of time. Furthermore,
we are impressed by the strong and closely-knit partnerships Preglife has with leading commercial players within several industries. We are looking forward to supporting the company during its journey to become one of the leading and most relevant pregnancy and baby application globally.” says eEquity Partner, Johan Symmons.

For more information, contact:
Johan Symmons, Partner
eEquity AB
Tel: +46 733 89 41 81
E-post: johan.symmons@eequity.se

Jessica Mattsson, Investment Director
eEquity AB
Tel: +46 70 796 14 01
E-post: Jessica.mattsson@eequity.se

Tobias Meschke, VD och grundare
Tel: +46 70 440 06 39
E-post tobias@preglife.se

About eEquity
eEquity is a leading private equity company focusing on Nordic digital growth companies. eEquity has since 2010 invested in e-commerce and adjacent sectors totaling 24 portfolio companies and today manages over SEK 2 billion across four funds. eEquity invests in growth companies benefiting from online and digital conversion, being led by strong entrepreneurs with the potential of becoming clear market leaders. The investors behind eEquity consist of leading European family offices and international financial institutions.

About Preglife
Preglife is the leading application for pregnant and new parents in the Nordics with significant market share in Germany and Poland. Preglife focuses on the user by providing information and tools, developed together with doctors and midwives, in a simple way. The company was founded in 2009 by Tobias Meschke and is based in Stockholm. Preglife is today present in eight countries with a fast-growing user base.

Footways B-aktie listas

Footway Group AB:s (publ) (“Footway” eller “Bolaget”) meddelar att handel av Bolagets B-aktie idag påbörjas på Nasdaq First North i Stockholm. Aktien kommer att handlas under kortnamnet (ticker) FOOT B med nuvarande ISIN-kod SE0011563295.

”Vi är nöjda över att ha slutfört listningen av vår B-aktie. Vi står inför nästa steg i bolagets utveckling och bedömer att vi är väl positionerade för att dra fördel av onlinehandelns fortsatta tillväxt och ta ytterligare marknadsandelar. Jag ser fram emot att fortsätta utveckla Footway och skapa värde tillsammans med och för våra kunder, teamet och aktieägare” säger  Daniel Mühlbach, VD.

”Vi är glada över att Footway nu valt att lista sina stamaktier på Nasdaq First North,” säger Adam Kostyál, europeisk noteringschef på Nasdaq. ”Footway är ytterligare ett exempel på ett snabbväxande, digitalt företag som använder den publika marknaden som en plattform för fortsatt tillväxt. Nasdaq ser fram emot att fortsätta stötta bolaget under många år framöver.”

Daniel Mühlbach, VD
Email: daniel.muhlbach@footway.com
Mobil: 070-99 99 343

Om Footway
Footway, en renodlad skobutik på nätet, grundades 2010 och är idag ledande på den nordiska marknaden. Footway har 34 anställda med kontor i Kista och centrallager i Helsingborg. Bolaget hade under 2017 intäkter om 505 mkr motsvarande en årstillväxt om 46,9 procent. EBITDA för helåret 2017 uppgick till 25,3 mkr.

Footways stamaktie serie B är listad på Nasdaq First North med kortnamnet FOOT B. Footways preferensaktie är listad på Nasdaq First North med kortnamnet FOOT PREF. Erik Penser Bank AB är Certified Adviser och nås på 08-463 80 00. Mer information om bolaget finns på www.footway.se.

Informationen lämnades enligt ovanstående kontaktpersons försorg, för offentliggörande den 20 december 2018 09:30 CET.


eEquity rekryterar Johan Symmons som ny partner

eEquity, ett ledande private equity bolag specialiserat på investeringar inom e-handel och digital tillväxt, fortsätter att bygga ut sitt team med Johan Symmons som ny partner. Johan Symmons kommer från Inter IKEA där han arbetat med investeringar globalt. Dessförinnan har han tidigare varit på bland annat Swedbank Corporate Finance.

eEquity är en ledande sektorfond för digital tillväxt som äger den största koncentrerade portföljen av e-handelsbolag i Norden bestående av 17 bolag, inklusive marknadsledande återförsäljare av externa varumärken inom olika branscher såsom Footway (skor), Kidsbrandstore (fashion for kids) och Caliroots (street fashion). I eEquity III ingår många varumärkesbolag som arbetar med influencer marketing globalt såsom NA-KD (global fashion brand), iDeal of Sweden (fashion tech) och Swiss Clinic (hudvårdsprodukter). eEquity reser för närvarande kapital till sin fjärde fond (eEquity IV) som hittills har dragit in drygt 600 miljoner kronor med målsättningen att nå 1,5 miljarder kronor.

Patrik Hedelin, Partner på eEquity, kommenterar:

”Vi är väldigt glada att Johan Symmons har börjat på eEquity. Johan är någon som vi har känt och arbetat ihop med de senast 8 åren, både som medinvesterare i bolag och som fondinvesterare. Att Johan ansluter som partner är ett steg i att bygga ut eEquity i samband med att vi lanserat vår nya fond och för att bättre kunna möta de investeringsmöjligheter vi ser i marknaden. Han kompletterar oss väl med sin mångåriga private equity-bakgrund som tillför transaktionsexpertis och brett kunnande om många branscher, som utöver e-handel inkluderar bland annat mjukvarubolag, detaljhandel samt bank och försäkring.”

Johan Symmons, ny Partner på eEquity, kommenterar:

”Jag har arbetat nära eEquity de senaste 8 åren och sett hur de har utvecklats från en framgångsrik nischaktör inom e-handel till en ledande investerare inom digital tillväxt. Jag tror starkt på eEquity’s strategi av aktivt ägande med hög värdeskapning underbyggt av den underliggande tillväxten i branschen. Det ska bli oerhört roligt att arbetat nära och supportera de starka entreprenörer som eEquity har i sina portföljbolag och hjälpa dem realisera sina visioner.”

Om eEquity
Grundat 2010 med stöd av internationella institutionella investerare, är eEquity idag det ledande private equity bolaget inom e-handel och digital tillväxt i Norden. Portföljbolagen inkluderar bolag som Footway, NA-KD, iDeal of Sweden, Swiss Clinic, Caliroots och Outdoorexperten. Största investeraren i eEquity III är European Investment Fund. eEquity grundades av Patrik Hedelin och Magnus Wiberg som en fortsättning på deras arbete inom e-handel och digitala tjänster sedan 1999. eEquity driver idag fyra fonder på totalt 2 miljarder kronor och 17 portföljbolag.

För ytterligare information vänligen kontakta:
Patrik Hedelin
+46 70 545 2889

eEquity invests SEK 45 million in TWISTSHAKE to fuel continued rapid global expansion

eEquity, the leading Nordic investor in rapidly growing global e-commerce companies, invests in TWISTSHAKE, the baby product retail brand of the future.  

The baby brand Twistshake, founded in 2014 by Vienar Roaks, has in a short period of time disrupted the baby feeding market through its innovative and colorful feeding products for children aged 0-4 years. The company sells its products in over 70 countries and has since its inception grown at a substantial pace to become a leading player in the market. eEquity, a leading investor in the e-commerce space, invests in Twistshake to provide capital for global growth acceleration. The global baby product market is valued at c.SEK 100 billion and is estimated to display healthy growth going forward.

eEquity’s investment will primarily be used for a broadening of Twistshake’s product offering and inventory, as well as to enhance the customer experience both online and offline. Twistshake currently employs c.20 people and will with the investment be able to strengthen the organisation to build a solid platform for continued global growth. Twistshake’s revenue today is c.SEK 50 million and the company is displaying profitable growth of c.100% year on year.

”We are very happy to bring in eEquity as an investor and to become part of the family of eEquity portfolio companies including iDeal of Sweden, SwissClinic och NA-KD. We searched for an investor with deep knowledge and understanding of the industry and who specifically had previous experience working with brands which combines own online sales with offline distribution. eEquity has a stellar track record of building brands with a clear online strategy coupled with a global foootprint and knows what it takes to develop rapidly growing companies, which is something we deeply value. Togehter we will disrupt the industry and become the leading global baby product company” says Camillo Eriksson CEO and co-founder Twistshake

”We were very impressed by what the company had managed to do in such a short period of time and with limited resources at hand. To be able to become an important player on the market in just 4 years, with 75% of revenues outside of Sweden is a remarkable achievment. The company has unique products which stands out from competitors and are hihgly suitable for a global roll-out, which we with our experience and knowledge will continue to develop. We are now very happy to finally roll up our sleeves and togehter build yet another Swedish export success.” says Felix Erhardt, Partner at eEquity

For further information please contact:

Felix Erhardt, Partner

eEquity AB
Tel: +46 725 101 625
E-mail: felix.erhardt@eequity.se


Camillo Eriksson, CEO and co-founder
Tel: +46 76 176 01 40

E-mail camillo.eriksson@twistshake.com

About eEquity

eEquity is a leading Private Equity firm that invests in Nordic internet and e-commerce companies. The E-commerce companies includes names such as WhiteAway, Footway, Swap.com, RoyalDesign, Caliroots, Kidsbrandstore and Eleven. eEquity has invested in the online sector since 2010 and has around SEK 1.2 billion under management, in three funds, with a total of 15 portfolio companies.  eEquity invests primarily in entrepreneur-led growth companies with potential to become market leaders. The investors behind eEquity are significant European family offices and financial institutions. eEquity is led by Patrik Hedelin and Magnus Wiberg who are both experienced internet entrepreneurs with experience from boo.com and Pricerunner.

 About Twistshake

Twistshake is a leading brand within baby products 0-4 years. Twistshake’s underlying business concept is to provide innovative and fashion forward baby products, primarily within feeding. The company was founded in 2014 by Vienar Roaks, is headquartered in Västerås and has in a short period of time grown its revenues to c.SEK 50 million and to sell its products in more than 75 countries.

Swedish E-Commerce Pioneer Makes a Big Digital Bet

Swedish E-Commerce Pioneer Makes a Big Digital Bet

A Swedish private-equity firm co-founded by e-commerce pioneer Patrik Hedelin plans to more than double its capital with a new fund, according to people familiar with the process.

eEquity aims to raise 1.5 billion kronor ($183 million) for its fourth fund, said the people, who declined to be identified as the information is not yet public. The Stockholm-based firm plans to close the capital raising by the summer, they said. Representatives for eEquity declined to comment on the plans.

The firm targets companies with business models focused on e-commerce. It mainly looks at the Nordic region and currently has 17 investments. eEquity’s three existing funds manage about 1.4 billion kronor together, with the latest having an internal rate of return of 39 percent at the end of 2017.

Partner and co-founder Hedelin says investors have yet to fully grasp the sheer magnitude of changes that online shopping will bring to the retail industry.

Britons Scrimp on Kitchens, Tuxedos as U.K. Retail Woes Spread

In Sweden, “some 60 billion kronor in sales have moved online in the past 10 years, and if growth continues at the same pace, another 180 billion kronor will shift from offline in the coming 10 years,” Hedelin said in an interview. “If you don’t have a digital strategy, it will be hard to survive.”

Hedelin built a reputation as a pioneer in e-commerce after advising online book store Bokus.com in the 1990s. He also co-founded the fashion retailer Boo.com, which went bust when the dotcom bubble burst at the turn of the century.

eEquity targets companies with between 50 million kronor and 200 million kronor in revenue, with a goal of making somewhere between 3.5 and 5 times its original investment. It steers clear of startups with a long way to profitability.

“We don’t like to rely on being lucky,” Hedelin said.

To boost sales and make its targets more profitable, eEquity tends to add products, geographic markets and introduce own brands. It also uses so-called social media influencers for marketing purposes.

“That means we can build the companies with higher growth and keep them more scalable, while still being profitable,” Hedelin said.

Shifting Online
The value of online retail sales in Sweden is growing by about 15 percent a year


18 January

eEquity invests SEK 15 million in Lavendla – to continue the digitalisation of the funeral market

The online funeral agency Lavendla is leading the digitalisation of the Swedish death care market. eEquity together with Bonnier Ventures are now investing in total SEK 23 million to enable further growth and geographical expansion.

The company, growing by 170% with great customer reviews, was founded in 2014 by Jakob Nordström. Lavendla is currently serving the Swedish market, with main focus on making the very best experience for each and every customer. The death care market in Sweden is one of the least digitalised verticals but Lavendla has shown that it is both easy and convenient to order a funeral online, as well as it increases the transparency for the customer.

eEquity together with Bonnier Ventures are now investing to support the company in its further growth both in Sweden and internationally.

CEO and founder Jakob Nordström comments:

“It’s inspiring that Bonnier Ventures and eEquity believe in us. “We have a strong team and have had a good year with many new customers who have chosen our combination of digital services and personal approach. Bonnier offers a broad media reach and knowledge, while eEquity provides important experience in e-commerce. Now we have a great opportunity to continue to earn our customers’ trust, and expand in Sweden as well as internationally.”

Jessica Mattsson, Investment manager at eEquity comments:

“I am very impressed by Lavendla, they have shown that they can both grow fast and keep a very high service level, a tricky combination for most companies but particularly in this market where nothing can go wrong. I believe the death care market will have a great benefit of increased transparency and openness, and Lavendla is perfectly positioned to lead this transformation. Further, the investment is in the sweet spot for us, given the low level of digitalisation of the market, a very strong team and we will support the company in every way we can given our experience from other e-commerce and online businesses.”           

For more information please contact:
Jessica Mattsson
Investment Manager eEquity
+46 70 796 14 01

Jakob Nordström
CEO and founder Lavendla

About eEquity
eEquity is a leading Private Equity firm that invests in Nordic internet and e-commerce companies. The E-commerce companies includes names such as WhiteAway, Footway, Swap.com, RoyalDesign, Caliroots, Kidsbrandstore and iDeal of Sweden. eEquity has invested in the online sector since 2010 and has around SEK 1.3 billion under management, in three funds, with a total of 17 portfolio companies.  eEquity invests primarily in entrepreneur-led growth companies with potential to become market leaders. The investors behind eEquity are significant European family offices and financial institutions. eEquity is led by Patrik Hedelin and Magnus Wiberg who are both experienced internet entrepreneurs with experience from boo.com and Pricerunner.

About Lavendla
Lavendla is an online funeral agency currently serving the Swedish market. The company was founded in 2014 by current CEO Jakob Nordström and is based in Solna just outside Stockholm. Lavendla provides services under the brands Lavendla and Wilja.

3 July 2017

eEquity invest in Karma, a food rescue app devoted to minimize the food waste in grocery stores and restaurants – targeting European expansion

eEquity, a leading investor in e-commerce and online companies in the Nordics, invest in Karma, the app devoted to help grocery stores, restaurants and cafes minimize their food waste.

Karma’s underlying business plan is to provide an outlet for unsold food from restaurants, cafes and grocery stores an thereby decrease food waste. Consumers purchase the food at a discount directly through the Karma app. Since the launch in November 2016, Karma has established itself in more than 20 cities and has over 100,000 registered users who to date has rescued 17 tonnes of food. Further, Karma has entered into partnerships with the leading Scandinavian hotel groups Scandic Hotels and Nordic Choice, as well as with the Swedish leading restaurant wholesaler Martin & Servera and several ICA grocery stores.

eEquity’s investment will support Karma’s upcoming European expansion. The target is to develop Karma into a market leader within its niche through best-in-class usability, quality and customer satisfaction. The investment is made together with e.Ventures, an international investment company with previous investments including Farfetch, Sonos and the Swedish company Natural Cycles.

”We are very happy with eEquity and e.Venture’s investment in Karma. eEquity’s years of experience within e-commerce and their knowledge on how to build strong, global online brands will provide us with valuable insights which will help us to reach the next level with the company. We have known the eEquity team for quite some time and are impressed with their work in other companies such as Whiteaway, Swiss Clinic and Footway. We are very much looking forward to start working together” says Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, CEO and co-funder of Karma.

Karma now target a roll-out of the app across several geographies. The number of customers and users has grow substantially and all parties are highly positive to Karma’s user-friendly and digital solution to decrease food-waste, which is a major environmental issue. Grocery stores, restaurants and cafes have all welcomed Karma’s solution and praised the ease-of-use and efficiency of the app, with goods being sold less than 24 hours after posting them in the app.

Felix Erhardt, partner eEquity says - ”We see a substantial potential in Karma; 1/3 of all food produced globally is thrown away which has a devastating impact on the environment. If we can use new technology in a user-friendly way in order to minimize the waste, it will have a significantly positive effect on our planet. Our previous experience of working with companies trying to alter customer behaviour, e.g. e-commerce, shows that it is definitely possible, and with proper execution can happen very quickly. Verticals such as books, contact lenses, white goods and clothes have all been highly exposed to digital change and now time has come for food waste to get digital. We will continue to support Karma with our competence and experience from previous investments and we hope to build a global market leader in this multi-billion-dollar market.”.

Karma is available for download in both App Store for iPhone and Google Play for Android.

For more information please contact:
Felix Erhardt
eEquity AB
Tel: +46 725 101 625
E-mail: felix.erhardt@eequity.se

Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren
Karmalicious AB
Tel: +46 72 202 02 30
E-mail press@karma.life

About eEquity
eEquity is a leading Private Equity firm investing in Nordic internet and e-commerce companies. The e-commerce companies includes brands such as WhiteAway, Footway, Swap.com, RoyalDesign, Caliroots, Kidsbrandstore and Eleven. eEquity has invested in the online sector since 2010 and has around SEK 1.2 billion under management, in three funds, with a total of 16 portfolio companies. eEquity invests primarily in entrepreneur-led growth companies with potential to become market leaders. The investors behind eEquity are significant European family offices and financial institutions. eEquity is led by Patrik Hedelin and Magnus Wiberg who are both experienced internet entrepreneurs with experience from boo.com and Pricerunner.

About Karma
Karma is a leading online food waste company. The company was founded in 2015 by Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, Ludvig Berling, Elsa Bernadotte och Mattis Larsson and is headquartered in Stockholm. Karma provides an app-based solution targeted towards minimizing food waste among grocery stores, restaurants and cafes and has during its short time since inception managed to attract more than 100,000 users in over 20 cities across Sweden which have rescued a total of 17 tonnes of food.

22 April 2017

eEquity invests SEK 21 million in iDeal of Sweden – the new issue will finance continued global expansion

The fashion tech company, iDeal of Sweden, was founded in 2013 by Joachim Lindström and Filip Ummer and is already selling in +30 countries and is experiencing very fast growth. eEquity, leading internet retailing investor in the Nordic countries, has now invested to enable iDeal of Sweden to accelerate its global rollout.

CEO Joachim Lindström comments: We are very pleased to become a part of the eEquity family of successful entrepreneurs which we think will bring significant experience to the company in many areas including the online marketing and global roll-out. eEquity also have a number of other companies such as NA-KD that we look forward to exchange insights with. I am also pleased that the representative on the board from eEquity has a strong entrepreneurial e-commerce background.”

The capital injection will primarily be used to improve the customer experience, offer a broader inventory, increased marketing and global roll-out. Today, the company employs 18 people, and with the investment, the company will look to further strengthen the full organisation. The head office will continue to be based in Norrköping. Joachim Lindström and Filip Ummer will continue to be the largest shareholders. 

Patrik Hedelin, Partner at eEquity comments: We are very impressed by the founders of iDeal of Sweden and the brand awareness they have built with their target audience in a very short space of time. We look forward to including iDeal of Sweden in our family of successful entrepreneurs where all the internet retailing companies can share experiences and expertise in order to accelerate growth and profitability.”

For more information please contact:

Patrik Hedelin
+46 70 545 2889

Joachim Lindström
iDeal of Sweden
+46 72 321 4444

About eEquity
eEquity is a lower midmarket growth sector fund for online businesses. There is a focus on internet retailing with companies such as NA-KD, WhiteAway, Footway, Swap.com, RoyalDesign, Caliroots, Kidsbrandstore and Swiss Clinic. eEquity invests normally in companies with a turnover between EUR 5-20 million with an ambition to build them to in excess of EUR +100 million turnover with profitability. The portfolio companies have been growing by on average 60% yearly during the holding time. eEquity raised its third fund, eEquity III, of SEK 750 million (EUR 80 million) in September 2015 where iDeal constitutes the seventh investment. eEquity has invested in the online sector since 2010 and has around SEK 1.2 billion under management, in three funds, with a total of 15 portfolio companies.  eEquity invests primarily in entrepreneur-led growth companies with potential to become market leaders. The investors behind eEquity are significant European family offices and financial institutions. eEquity is led by Patrik Hedelin and Magnus Wiberg who are both experienced internet entrepreneurs with experience from boo.com and Pricerunner.