9 march 2015

Footway acquires running shoe specialist Runforest

Footway today announces the acquisition of the running shoe specialist Runforest. By adding additional assortment, contacts, knowledge and customers, the aim of the acquisition is to further strengthen Footway’s position as the leading shoe shop online where sport shoes is an important and strong category.

Runforest is a small and niched player that in short time has managed to build a loyal customer base. Runforests catalog is addressed to the conscious running shoe user that has been able to buy their favorite shoes at favorable prices and good service. The sales rate is about SEK 20 million per year.

The acquisition of Runforest is the latest step in the consolidation of the Nordic market, which Footway began with the acquisition of Heppo in 2013, followed by the acquisition of Brandos in 2014. Runforest adds additional products and expertise in the important running shoe segment and is expected to sharpen Footway’s offering within the sports shoe department in the fight for the conscious and engaged consumers.

Footway and their central warehouse in Helsingborg will offer Runforests existing customers not only an additional 30 000 models in the range, but also the fastest deliveries, a 180 day return policy, free shipping, free returns and personal customer service.

“Runforest has done a fantastic job of building a loyal clientele with a focus on running in a short period of time. The market for running shoes is exciting and in combination with our large focus on the customer experience and service, we believe the deal will strengthen our position in the segment by delivering an even better customer experience for each unique customer”, says Daniel Muhlbach, founder of Footway.

For more information, please contact;

Daniel Mühlbach, CEO
E-mail: daniel.muhlbach@footway.com
Phone: 070-9999343

Louise Liljedahl, Press
E-mail: louise.liljedahl@footway.com
Phone: 0736-40 93 50