eEquity AI-day 14th of September

eEquity AI-DAY was a great success!

 We had the privilege of hosting industry leaders who shared remarkable insights into how AI is transforming the e-commerce landscape.

Attendees from across our portfolio firms joined us as we unlocked the secrets of AI in e-commerce and learned how to boost conversions, create and drive top-performing ads, and reach new heights in SEO rankings with the help of AI tools.

Our heartfelt thanks go out to our incredible speakers from Google, IDEAL OF SWEDEN, Klingit, Pixel Nordic AB, and Twigeo. Your expertise and passion were the driving force behind this exceptional event, leaving us inspired and ready to embrace the future.

Here’s a recap of what we experienced:

🔥 Google – Ted Schonbeck Ted Schonbeck enlightened us about the game-changing impact of AI in e-commerce during his session on “AI and e-commerce.”

📈 Ideal of Sweden – Jacob Eriksson, Creative Lead Jacob Eriksson showcased the remarkable results of AI-generated ads, which drove a remarkable 30% higher conversion rate.

🔍 Klingit – Anders Ringstedt & Isabelle Askelöf. Klingit presented a captivating case study with Lipton, offering a live demo of AI in action.

📊 Pixel – Henrik Vikström, CEO Henrik Vikström unveiled the strategies for boosting SEO using AI, providing valuable insights into climbing the search engine ranks.

💡 Twigeo – Kalle Mobeck & Ian Browaldh The day concluded with Kalle Mobeck and Ian Browaldh sharing their expertise on creating top-performing ads at scale with


Thank you to everyone who joined us for a day filled with learning, networking, and innovation. Stay tuned for more updates and future events. 

Let’s continue this exciting journey together guided by the potential of AI!

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