eEquity invests SEK 60 million in girl-empowering sportwear brand aim’n

Aim’n is an activewear brand founded by women, for women. eEquity, a leading digital growth investor in the Nordics, has now entered a partnership to elevate the brand to new heights and make it a global leader in the activewear market. 

Aim’n was founded in 2014 in Halmstad, Sweden by Tekla Acs and Helen Van. The founders were tired of wearing uninspiring sportswear and instead created well-fitted and high-quality tights to boost themselves and encourage other women to an active lifestyle. The company name “aim’n” comes from “aim’n high and dreamin’ big” which are values the company follows and shares with their customers.

When the founders told people about their dream to start an activewear brand, they were met with doubtful reactions. Instead of letting their dream go, they became more determined to succeed and to inspire women around the world to follow their dreams.

The journey started on Instagram where the founders shared inspiration, motivation and sneak peeks of their clothes. Their account grew rapidly which created a hype around aim’n’s first collection and within 4.5 hours of launch the entire stock was sold out. The company has since then sold empowering activewear and dream reminders to their followers, often referred to as “the aim’n tribe”, in over 150 countries. Today the company has teams based in Sweden, New Zealand and Asia.

Tekla Acs & Helen Van comments:
“We are very happy and excited to become a part of the eEquity family of successful e-commerce entrepreneurs and to work and grow together. We decided to partner with eEquity because of their strong industry knowledge, great network and driven team. We look forward to scaling rapidly together and empowering as many women as possible around the world.

The new equity will primarily be used to build out the team, invest in IT, expand the product assortment, increase inventory-levels, accelerate marketing and global rollout. Aim’n has a turnover of SEK 120 million with an EBITDA margin of ~25%, and online sales growing >80% YoY. Tekla Acs and Helen Van will continue to be the largest shareholders after the investment.

Patrik Hedelin, Partner at eEquity comments: 
“Tekla and Helen are the most value-driven entrepreneurs we have met, and have managed to build an engaged and loyal community called the aim’n tribe. Their main ambition has always been to empower women, not just sell activewear, which is why they have become so loved by their customers. We are very pleased to now have five strong consumer brands in our portfolio i.e. NA-KD, iDeal of Sweden, Twistshake, Verso Skincare and Aim´n, all working closely together, sharing knowledge and experiences.

Aida Jammal, Associate at eEquity comments:
I love how inclusive aim’n is and how their clothes are worn by all types of women. They have built a strong brand and a large community which I believe sets a good foundation for their future growth. We love their truly global mindset and how they built the brand and organisation in three continents. At eEquity, four out of seven investment professionals are women, so we are thrilled to be investing in a company founded by women, for women.”

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About eEquity

Founded in 2010, eEquity is a Private Equity firm (digital growth sector fund) that invests in Nordic internet businesses with a special focus on internet retailing. Portfolio companies include Pricerunner, Footway, NA-KD, iDeal of Sweden and RoyalDesign. eEquity has led investments of over SEK 2.5 billion in 35 companies across four funds.  eEquity normally invests in companies with sales between EUR 5-20 million and with an ambition to build them to over EUR +100 million sales with profitability. The companies are normally entrepreneur-led growth companies with potential to become market leaders. The investors behind eEquity are European Investment Fund (EIF), large European family offices and financial institutions. eEquity is led by Patrik Hedelin and Magnus Wiberg, both experienced internet entrepreneurs.

About aim’n
Founded in 2014 in Halmstad, Sweden by Tekla Acs and Helen Van, aim’n is a sportwear brand with sales in over 150 countries. The company has offices in Sweden, New Zealand and China and 30+ employees. Aim’n is estimated to have sales of SEK 120 million and an EBITDA margin of c.25% for the fiscal year ending 31 March 2020. The company is passionate about girl-empowering values and regularly encourage their followers, the aim’n tribe, to follow their dreams with quotes such as “why be moody when you can shake yo’ booty?”.